What is CB Passive Income License program? Is CB Passive Income Scam?

What is CB Passive Income License program? Is CB Passive Income Scam?

CB Passive Income License Program is created by Patric Chan, the author of Wakeup Millionaire. With the CB Passive Income License Program, you will be able to license his entire system so that you’ll be able to make a passive income too. This is truly a passive income system, without those hyped 3-click softwares. Basically, the system will allow you to literally clone his entire business and he’ll essentially “work” for them to make money (this is why you can make passive income).

It’s an extremely large system – the customer will get his clone software, promotional training courses, lead capture system, etc.

I know it sounds really bias for me to say this, but this is REALLY AN AWESOME product. I take a lot of pride in providing this to the market and helping many others like you to start making passive income as well:)

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So How Does CB Passive Income Works?

When you become a member in CB Passive Income, you will instantly have access to almost everything you need to start your Internet Marketing business. You will be given a unique webpages to promote. Inside the CB Passive Income Member Area, there are two steps you need follow to get CB passive Income work for you.


Edit Your Profile. Over here, you need to make sure you have added your Clickbank ID in your Profile.

Once you completed, you will be able to promote your “Unique Secret Webpage”. When you promote this webpage, it’ll send your leads to a “squeeze page”. This squeeze page will add the subscribers into the CB Passive Income System where Patric and his team will be sending out emails to those customers regularly. Each of the Clickbank promotion inside the emails will be using YOUR affiliate links (the software will automatically replace with your affiliate link inside). This is how you’ll be able to make passive income because Patric and his team will be “working” for you – your only focus is to promote your CBPassiveIncome Unique Secret Webpage and build your list.

Step #1 above helps you with the setup. So you don’t need to buy a domain name, pay for hosting, design a squeeze page, record a video presentation, write a free report, pay for autoresponder and so on.

All you need to do here is promoting your webpage. Don’t Patric and his team has prepared 3 key traffic generation training for you step by step. You won’t get lost here, and if you are newbie these are definitely the knowledge you need to know to be successful in Internet Marketing. 

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In conclusion,

CB Passive Income will really transform the way you do business online and increase your Clickbank commission. I will rate CB Passive Income License Program 9 out 10. CB Passive Income License Program, will be the FASTEST and EASIEST way to make online and it is really aGame Change in 2013.

CB Passive Income

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What CB Passive Income Bonus includes?

So, if you’re looking to buy CB Passive Income then there is no better place then right here. While I can’t give you a CB Passive Income discount, since it is a new product, I can give you a lot of free gifts and Bonus.

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So get CB Passive Income and you will begin to start making money online today, to best of all you only do one “thing” which is so simple and leave everything else to Patric Chan’s team.

CB Passive Income will really transform the way you do business online and increase your Clickbank commission. CB Passive Income, the FASTEST and EASIEST way to make online and CB Passive Income is really a Game Change in 2013

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Why CB Passive Income License Program is so powerful?

(A Message from Creator Patric Chan )

Hi ,

I hope you’re doing great. :) This is actually about CB passive income.

You see, most people failed to make passive income from the internet because they don’t really grasp the concept of passive income in the first place. The usual premise is thinking of using a software that can do that for them – we both know that this software doesn’t exist.

So let’s study how passive income is truly created, so that you can have -

In summary, this phenomenon can only be achieved if SOMEONE ELSE is working for you . Don’t be misled that money can be made on auto-pilot – “work” is required for you to be “paid”. Of course, the question is, are you doing the work or someone else?

Even if you have a mailing list, you’ll still need to work because you’ll need to:

1. Continue to provide valuable content to your list

2. Research for good products to be promoted and coming up with bonuses

3. Crafting email promotions to be sent out

And that’s provided you’re able to create a lead capture webpage that converts well.

So the solution? Hire an internet marketing expert to make money for you. The problem is, hiring experts to do your work is expensive

But uniquely, CB Passive Income - CB Passive Income License Program can truly create passive income for you. Why? For a start, because it’s not a “push button” software. Yes, it’s a software but the purpose of the software is to create “systems” to support you.

With this program, you’re literally cloning my entire marketing system and the reason you can make passive income is because I’m working FOR YOU.

And why I can do this, WITHOUT getting paid from you at all? With no salary?

Simple – because it’s just a 10 minutes job for me. 

Here’s what I mean…

Because I am an internet marketer (and a really good one too :) ), I do “work” to produce content, research for products to promote and craft email promotions. Frankly, it’s okay for me to “work” because I get paid REALLY WELL for what I do and I am passionate about internet marketing.

Whatever I’m doing for MY list, I’m just doing for YOUR list  now. So it’s a 10-minute job. The software allows me to have the technology to replace my affiliate link to YOUR affiliate link so that you’ll be the one who gets to keep the affiliate commission, not me.

Just so you know, when we promote an affiliate offer, I don’t make money. It’s the Clickbank merchant and YOU who make the money. I earn nothing in return. I’m merely helping you to make passive income.

So why am I doing this without any fee, other than your one-time affordable investment? 

Well… have you heard of the doctors who go to villages during their weekends to help for free?

Look – I’m no doctor or whatsoever, but if I can help someone in this world to create an extra part-time income or even to help them to quit their jobs, what is sacrificing 10 minutes for such a priceless emotion reward?

Let me just say it this way – the more we can contribute (without damaging us), the more growth we’ll have in ourselves.

The intention of this program is to create as much automation as is humanly possible for you, so that you can enjoy your life!

So I’ll handle the entire “email marketing” department for you.

But at the same time, you can view your leads and even download them inside the Client Area.

So now you understand why CB Passive Income License Program is so powerful. :)

To your success,

Patric Chan

P.S: This is probably the only unique cloning system that allows you to make  LIFETIME COMMISSION on auto-pilot, WITHOUT paying any recurring fee.

CB Passive Income is Launched, a True Game Change Program

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